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An expert voice on mental health

Dr Hayward is a media mental health expert, an experienced writer, speaker, broadcaster and trainer on mental health topics, available to bring professional insight to your media, content and events programmes.

Topics of expertise

Passionate about improving public understanding of mental health issues, Dr Hayward is open to media mental health expert and training opportunities in her areas of professional expertise and interest:

  • Mental health and wellness in the workplace, including the implications for organisational culture and careers.
  • General mental health conditions affecting adults aged 18 and above, such as anxiety, bipolar, depression, OCD, PTSD and psychosis.
  • Perinatal mental health conditions affecting new mothers or their partners, such as postnatal depression.
  • Management of mental illness associated with long-term conditions, including diabetes.
  • Mental health initiatives in corporate, clinical and community settings (including schools, universities, clubs and faith organisations).

Media and training services


If you need a professional media mental health expert, author or contributor to lay publications, academic journals or business content, Dr Hayward may be able to help.

Her writing experience includes:

  • Columnist on mental health for lay press magazines, including Sweet and Best Magazine.
  • Lead chapter author for a joint diabetes and mental health initiative, publishing national guidelines which included the management of eating disorders and diabetes in mental health settings.
  • Published in national and international medical journals, including the International Journal of Medical Leadership.


From small events to large conferences, in-person to online, Dr Hayward is a passionate and engaging public speaker on mental health topics.

Her speaking experience includes:

  • Featuring as an invited speaker at UK and international conferences.
  • Serving as RCPsych Public Engagement Officer for the South West region, promoting mental health awareness.


With media training and experience, Dr Hayward offers a reliable pair of hands as an expert mental health contributor to podcasts, TV and radio programmes.

Her broadcasting experience includes:


Dr Hayward is committed and experienced in delivering high-quality mental health and leadership and management training in clinical and organisational settings.

Her training experience includes:

  • Delivering small-group tutorials, workshops and formal lectures for healthcare professionals, workplace team education and CPD events.
  • Providing clinical and educational supervision, mentoring and executive coaching.
  • Supporting the development of mental health and wellbeing initiatives in schools.
  • Delivering media training for medical staff.

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