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Mental illness should not be a barrier to your success

Restore your organisation’s potential with corporate mental health strategy, training and treatment from a medically-qualified private consultant psychiatrist.

How much is poor mental health costing your business?  

The answer might be more than you think. Recent research in the UK reported:  

  • One in six working-age adults have symptoms of mental ill health at any given time
  • 72 million working days are lost each year as a direct result of mental ill health
  • Mental health costs employers £45 billion per year (a rise of 16% between 2017 and 2020) – a weighted average cost of around £1,700 per employee
  • 70–75% of people with diagnosable mental illness receive no treatment at all

As these figures continue to rise in a post-Covid-19 world, good employers recognise that mental health is an urgent challenge that needs a serious solution.  

Conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar, OCD and PTSD are diagnosable mental illnesses that limit people’s ability to be engaged and productive at work. Evidence shows that the longer they go untreated, the longer the road to recovery, and the greater the costs through absenteeism and presenteeism (attending work despite poor mental health and so underperforming).  

A timely opportunity  

Given that employees spend half of their waking hours in the workplace, employers have a unique opportunity (and, arguably, duty of care) to make things better. You can’t take responsibility for people’s mental health and wellbeing. But with the right environment you can empower them to ask for help, access care, and get healthy so that mental illness is no longer a barrier to their success.  

The good news is, investing in mental health isn’t just good for people, it’s also good for business. In fact, recent Deloitte research indicates that return on employer investment has increased by 20% to an average of £5 for every £1 spent.  

Mental illness may feel like a risky subject. But the biggest risk is ignoring it. Now is the time to act. There is greater openness, knowledge and understanding of the issues than ever before. Talented people are seeking out employers that take their mental health and wellbeing seriously.  

If you’ll do it, the rewards are more than worth it.  

Why work with us?

In a world that’s full of providers offering solutions to corporate mental health and wellbeing, we offer something different. Clinical psychologists, mental health practitioners, client managers, coaches and counsellors all have a part to play. But what they cannot do is assess, diagnose and prescribe medication to treat a person’s mental health condition. We can.

As a Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Leanne Hayward is a medically-qualified doctor who can prescribe the medication and therapies people need to address the underlying mental health problems limiting their potential at work. She is also an experienced leader, strategist and executive coach who understands what it takes to promote good corporate mental health at an organisational level.

For your organisation, this brings a number of distinct benefits:

  • Save time: Rapid, direct access to diagnosis and treatment. Bypass months of waiting for assessments via corporate health insurance policies. Early intervention can reduce recovery times from years to months or from months to weeks.
  • Reduce costs: A more present, productive and profitable workforce. Preventative screening with medical referral gives the highest measurable return on investment in health and business outcomes, saving £10 for every £1 spent (versus £3-5 saving through self-help interventions).
  • Streamline solutions: A one-stop shop for mental health. A full range of corporate mental health treatment, strategy and training solutions in one place – plus access to a network of other mental health specialists and individuals with lived experience.
  • Embed change: Treating the causes at an individual and organisational level. Solutions that bridge the gap between clinical psychiatry and corporate strategy – both sides are needed to embed a successful culture of corporate mental health and wellness.

How we can help

We’re not just here to prescribe a generic solution. Rather, our bespoke approach is about giving you the insight to improve – empowering you to understand the issues holding your organisation back and equipping you to implement the best combination of solutions.

Assessment and rapid treatment

It’s likely that around one-in-six people in your organisation has symptoms of mental ill health – right now. Don’t let them suffer in silence.

Whether identified by themselves, by line managers or by occupational health, we can provide a discreet self-referral mental health assessment service giving your staff quick, direct access to the professional help they need now.

Leadership and management solutions

Sometimes, significant incidents occur in the workplace or among staff as a result of a person’s mental ill health. We can provide expert consultancy, working with your leaders and managers to learn lessons and be better equipped to prevent or reduce the risks of future incidents.

We can also provide proactive support on service redesign or innovation projects – from training mental health first aiders, to establishing executive coaching and counselling programmes – strengthening a culture of better mental health across your organisation.

Mental health strategy and policy

You can only build a mentally healthy workplace with a clear plan, support from the top and accountability at every level. We can work with your leaders, managers and staff to make sure you have mental health and wellbeing strategy and policies that are fit for purpose.

We approach mental health not just as a problem or risk to mitigate but also as an opportunity to help your people become more engaged, positive, and productive at work.

Health education and training

Once people understand the problems, they can be part of the solutions. We can support you through the strategic review, analysis and planning of organisation-wide staff mental health training and awareness programmes.

We will recommend where to focus these efforts for the greatest impact and return on investment, and can support you in implementing a programme of training events and resources – whether created internally or outsourced.

Operational and occupational support

If your organisation is appointing people to workplace mental health and wellbeing roles, it’s important that they have the right skills and support to succeed. We can give you expert input in the recruitment process, sit on appointment panels, advise on suitable lines of supervision or even provide supervision ourselves.

We can also offer occupational support – providing mental health assessments for individuals and advising on what reasonable adjustments you, as their employer, should make to enable them to succeed in their roles.

How it works

1. Scope

Simply get in touch using the form below and we will arrange an initial consultation meeting to understand your needs. Following this, we will offer you a project proposal. This is all free of charge and with no obligation.

2. Plan

If you decide to go ahead, we will work with you to design a package of solutions around your needs. This will provide a menu of options, which you can choose to implement straight away or in the future.

3. Implement

We can then work with you to put these plans into action, involving trusted partners with additional specialist expertise if needed. This can include short-term interventions or ongoing support, with metrics to measure your success.

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